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Welcome to 2010!

Still using last year's Christmas card photo… we still all pretty much look the same. Except Megan is no longer blond.

In this photo, we're all holding something of meaning. From left to right: Jonathan, Rick, Carey with dog (Siné) and photo of Maggie (cat who died in summer of 2008), Justin, and Megan (with Rocky, new as of July 2008).   Missing is Maxwell Desmond Meredith, Megan's new cat.

Jonathan and Justin each graduated from DePaul last year. A few weeks before graduation, they each took a "best of festival" award at the DePaul Film Festival  - Jonathan for Cinematography, and Justin for Animation (check out their work on the video page).

Jonathan moved to Los Angeles last July to pursue a career in film as a Director of Photography on motion pictures. Currently he is doing video production - shooting and editing – for This pays the rent while he also works as an intern on various film shoots. Check out the website and you can see what he's been working on.

Justin had just returned from hiking the Inca trail to Macchu Pichu when we shot the family photo last year.   Upon graduating, he moved back home from his apartment in Logan Square and began planning a trip to Guatemala. He spent two months there learning Spanish, traveling, and volunteering at an elementary school. He returned just in time for Christmas

Rick continues working on video projects and developing his still photography skills. He's holding a MacBook Pro because almost all the work he does, other than actually shooting stills or video, comes out of a computer.

Megan is a Junior at DePaul majoring in elementary education and works in the campus Barnes and Noble Bookstore. She lives in an apartment in Lincoln Park with two other girls and her cat, Maxwell.

Carey spent months in 2007 giving TLC to Maggie, our cat of 12 years who developed a liver disease. Then our dog, Siné, developed a kidney disease so Carey did a lot of research into the problem and began cooking special meals for Siné. For months Siné really liked meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Then she abruptly lost interest and developed a taste for burgers and potatoes, or grilled chicken. Then Italian Beef, spaghetti… the list goes on and on. All of these dietary efforts seem to have reversed the problems and now the dog is happier and more youthful than ever.   Currently she is really into hot dogs and blueberry muffins. The vet told us well over a year ago that if she were a human she would be on dialysis. More recently he said that if she were human she would need a transplant. It sounds serious and we know it is, yet, the dog seems to have no clue she is sick and is still eating well, albeit a steady diet of hot dogs. At her age and in her condition, as long as she is eating ANYTHING that's a good thing. She has already lived a year past our expectations.

 Rocky joined us in July 2008 at 6 weeks of age weighing in at 1.5 pounds. He's a lot heftier now! Rocky and Siné are best friends and love to play together.

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